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Red path

Begins in Prague Radotín thru Solopysky, Vonoklasy, Karlík (rests of foundations of the castle Karlík), down to the village Mořinka to Karlštejn. From there past the Oak of seven brothers to the waterfalls of Bubovice, where from to St. Jan pod Skalou. After the tour of the Benedictine monastery there is the last section of the path going up to Beroun.
Distance: about 28 km.
Blue path
Begins in Karlštejn by the Oak of seven brothers and goes through Mořina (an old Jewish cemetary) to Roblín,Vonoklasy and Černošice and ends in Prague Radotín.
Distance: about 12 km.
Yellow path no.1
Begins by the quarry Velká Amerika, past which you reach Malá Amerika and farther on to Karlštejn to the Oak of seven Brothers. From there you have to set out along the red path up to Kubrycht´s chalet, following up to the yellow path down to Srbsko. In Srbsko take the way across a footbridge up to Kod,Tobolka down to Zlatý kůň, where you find the cave of Koněprusy and then go on thru Havlíčkův Mlýn and Kotýz to Beroun - Popovice,where the path ends.
Distance: about 20 km.
Yellow path no.2
Start of the path is the same as the yellow path no1 until Srbsko, here turn right before crossing the footbridge and thru Hostím you will reach Svatý Jan pod Skalou and then past Záhrabská, where you will follow up to the red path and reach Beroun.
Distance: about 20 km.